Jed’s Christmas Gifts

I plan to give Jed two Christmas presents this year partly because he’s been such a good boy and mainly because I want both of us to have our way in choosing the gifts.

You see, Jed is a very articulate four-year-old and openly tells me what he does and doesn’t like. That’s how I know that right now, he is becoming reattached to his toys and would like to get toy cars, anything related to Peppa and the other cartoons he likes, or random knick knacks he can find around the house (Kids are weird, man.). However, I’d like to give him a book. I figure this is the right time to start doing that again because he has finally gotten over the habit of destroying books.

So that explains why there will be two presents. I’ll probably raid the nearby National Bookstore next week for a mama-chosen gift. Today, I decided to bring him to a toy store so he can pick his own present. He chose a big firetruck. I knew how much he loved firetrucks so I bought it. It was a big, shiny truck that made a nice revving sound and had cute flashing lights, ladders, and stuff. Awesome. Even I liked it.

On our way home, he spotted a street vendor selling P50 toy figures. He stopped and pointed to one of the toys and told me he wanted it because it was Elsa from Frozen. It really didn’t look like Elsa but the box was labeled Frozen and the toy was dressed like Elsa. Also, my son loves her so much that I think he now feels lukso ng dugo for anything Elsa. So I bought that too.

Guess which one he’s holding to sleep tonight.

The fact that you never fail to amuse me is the 4,393rd reason I love you, Jed. Merry Christmas, cutie pie. 🙂


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