Hello, 2017

I come from a middle class family and have always lived in middle class neighborhoods. While there are people who celebrate the holidays by going on vacation or by partying in…well, wherever the party places are nowadays, we are who you commonly see on the evening news. You know, streets lined with two-storey houses and filled with people enjoying colorful explosives going off near their faces (And their children’s too! Omg, I so judge everyone who exposes their kids to such danger.).

During such times, my family and I stay indoors. I don’t know about them, but I do it because I’m scared and I hate the smoke. My idea of a good NYE celebration is sleeping through the whole thing.

What is it about changing calendar years that makes it worth risking setting fire to yourself and your neighbors? I understand the novelty of fireworks displays, but I don’t see why people would be willing to put fingers, hands, and other body parts on the line just to welcome a new year.

Wouldn’t it make more sense for someone who is so psyched about the coming year to welcome it with his extremities intact? If you’re so excited about the new year, why not minimize the risk of dying while celebrating it? 


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