Fish Story

Today is fish bowl wash day. It’s a big deal because I haven’t gotten over the fact that a fish slipped down the drain during last week’s cleaning because of me.

We’ve had them since November 1. My sister and her boyfriend gave my son Jed a little bowl with five tiny orange fish of a breed I can’t recall. When one of them died, the owner of the nearby pet shop suggested we add one of the bigger fish they had in there. I can’t recall the name but it had “fight” in it. We decided to get it because Jed liked it and it had the same food and feeding pattern as the orange ones.

Based on the Google search results, the new fish may be a kind of the Siamese fighting fish, commonly known as the Betta fish. That sounds about right because the results also mention something that the shop owner said: that the Betta is notoriously territorial and you shouldn’t keep it in the same aquarium with another Betta.

Jed’s day 1 with the little fishies. (I know, I know it’s cruel and unhealthy to keep fish in a bowl without a pump and a filter but I’m working hard to keep their water clean until I can move them to a better home!)
Today, post-wash. The orange ones swim close to the surface and they move too fast so you can only see one orange blur in each photo. That big one is the Betta. Its body is metallic blue and the fins and tail are a combination of red, orange, and violet, I think.

And no, no fish died today. I really hope that doesn’t happen again because the fish are a great way to teach kids about responsibilities and chores.

Plus I do like them myself. šŸŸ


The Marcos Burial

Ferdinand Marcos’ burial in the Libingan ng mga Bayani today strongly proves that we have first-rate lawyers and politicians. Only the brightest minds can make right look wrong, and wrong, right. Now that Marcos is in the Libingan ng mga Bayani, we might as well start burying the murdered neighborhood adiks there as well.