Human Heart Nature’s Sunflower Beauty Oil

I’ve always been ignorant about skin care. Using a day cream is the closest I can get to a decent skin care regimen. Recently, though, I notice that I’m starting to look twice my age. So I thought it was time to pay a little more attention to my skin.

I’m looking into trying so-called natural solutions first because they’re cheaper. I feel guilty about even thinking about spending money for my skin when I could use the cash for something for my family. Don’t get me wrong. I can’t be happier to be a mom. It’s just that motherhood (in combination with my natural manang-ness) has made me consider everything that I don’t need to be an absolute luxury.

Also, I figure that if my skin could improve the natural (and cheaper) way, that would already be more than perfect for me. Plus, that means more bragging rights! LOL If all else fails, though, and my laziness still hasn’t beat my mini skin saga to a pulp, that’s probably when I’ll consider seeing a dermatologist for a beauty shortcut or settle with being beautiful only from the inside. Hahaha!

So powerful it can resurrect the dead (not true)

After that unnecessarily long intro, I present Human Heart Nature’s revered bestseller, the Sunflower Beauty Oil. I was intrigued by the list of skin miracles the manufacturer claims it can do and by the positive ratings and testimonials it’s getting. I also know several people who swear by the effectiveness of HHN products.

Miracles, summarized

At under P180 a bottle, I thought it was okay to give it a shot. I went to the supermarket (Robinsons carries many HHN products) and bought one.

Packaging It comes in what looks like (and what may in fact be) a spray bottle. The nozzle can be pretty stubborn sometimes so I just forcefully spray in quick and short bursts to make life easy.

Scent Of course if you put your nose a hair away from the oil, you will smell a faint odor. However, my nose (5 out of 10–1 being totally incapable and 10 being super sensitive) doesn’t smell anything during application, even as I massage the oil onto my face. It doesn’t smell even when I sweat after applying it. I love that.

Texture It gets absorbed by the skin quickly and feels amazingly light! In less than half an hour after application, it feels as if I didn’t put anything at all on my skin.

There’s only one ingredient–magic (No, it’s sunflower seed oil)

Skin Reaction At first, I tried the Sunflower Beauty Oil on my face. There was no immediate reaction of any sort. It just felt as if I put oil on it. Hehe. The following morning, though, I noticed a wee bit of a reaction. The apples of my cheeks looked a tiny bit puffy. I did see on HHN’s website that there were cases where customers’ skin reacted negatively when suddenly treated with a natural remedy after a long time of exposure to artificial products. According to them, though, these initial reactions usually went away after a couple more tries. I was aware that there was no certainty about any of that, but I decided to try the oil one more time anyway.

Sadly, it didn’t do any better the second time around. The morning after I applied it, some things I like to call informal face settlers appeared on my forehead. I call them that because I don’t know what they are although I’ve had them, on and off, since maybe elementary school. They’re not blackheads or whiteheads because they’re the exact same color as my skin. They’re not warts because they usually don’t last longer than a week. They’re not pimples because they don’t look and feel like pimples. They’re just there, looking ugly.

What Now Because of these reactions, I’ve decided to stop using the oil on my face. For a few days now, I’ve been massaging it onto my feet, which have issues of their own (haha!). Nothing major. They just look old and resemble root crop more than a woman’s feet. I’m hoping they will respond to the oil better than my face did.

It’s too early to check for improvements on my root crop feet. I’ll probably check and report back after I run out of oil. For now, I’m not giving up on this product. My battle for dainty-looking feet officially begins!