January Week 2 Photo Challenge: Transmogrify

Cherry Foodarama today

This is Cherry Foodarama along Congressional Avenue. A few years back, it housed a more budget-friendly grocery, a couple of fast food restaurants, and dozens of seedy-looking tiangges that I absolutely adored.

I’m not sure when exactly it closed down. What I remember is that my family shopped here when we lived nearby, then we moved to an unbelievably remote subdivision, moved again, then found out that Cherry was out of business right when we could shop there again.

Recently, it reopened, but only the building’s name remained the same. The supermarket inside is now SM Hypermarket. The tiangges have been replaced by legit-looking concessionaires who, I bet, are registered and are paying taxes and shit (Can you imagine?!).

The travesty up close

I still miss the old Cherry. The only good things about its makeover are that French Baker is still in it (albeit in a much smaller space) and Jollibee is already under construction. Because I like stuffing my face with yummy bread (50% off each night!) and Chickenjoy.

The old Cherry Foodarama that people loved (Photo from http://www.philretailers.com)