January Week 4 Photo Challenge: Edge

Home for the Berries
The lake looks badly whitewashed but I’m posting it anyway.

For this week’s photo challenge, I’m posting two images that barely qualify. Hahaha!

The photo above shows the view from the balcony of Taaleña, a restaurant in Tagaytay. Get lost in the relaxing view of the vast Taal Lake and the shroud of greenery surrounding the area with a glass of cold beer and some sizzling pulutan.

I wasn’t able to find a website for the restaurant, so here is the link to the Google search results, for those too uninspired to type and click.

– – –

I don’t know how to describe the photo below without exposing my absolute stupidity with places and directions.

Manila Bay and uhm…what must be a part of Metro Manila, shot from Yexel’s Toy Museum

Time Management

I notice that mornings before work are becoming less chaotic. In the past, regardless of what time I got up, I always found myself rushing to work with my hair half-brushed. I frequently had to apply baby powder and wear my watch and my earrings while on the road.

Now, I get to prepare my face and my hair for contact with the outside world, pack some baon, and do a quick check of my son’s things for school and still have some time to spare! Glorious!

I attribute this to the fact that I no longer use the bathroom for activities that are best done in a retreat house, a religious temple, or a psychologist’s clinic. I’ve finally accepted that the bathroom is strictly for cleaning the body and not for contemplating my life and the vastness of the universe.

January Week 1 Photo Challenge: Local

The word “local” reminds me of my dream home, which is a simple house in a quiet neighborhood in a not-too-distant province. Sadly, though, my dream probinsyana life isn’t feasible right now. So, aside from successfully boring everyone I know with stories about my fantasy life, I will also settle for things that at least remind me of life in the province.

One of those is the delicious smell of pandesal in the morning.

Good morning!

This Pan de Manila shop is a short walk from our home. Mornings aren’t complete without the aroma of their freshly baked bread stealthily making its way through the smallest cracks and openings in the surrounding homes and charming their owners into getting up and buying those sinfully delicious buns.

Pan de Manila’s irresistible bread and their equally mouthwatering aroma, to me, are the only links between the stressful city that I’m trapped in and the calm rural home I constantly daydream about. They are the ones that quietly and briefly take me to my imaginary home in the province and back every single morning.