Death by Powerpoint

Earlier this year, I decided to switch careers and finally pursue what I’ve loved for the longest time–writing. However, the fact that my professional writing experience was the size of a chicken nugget meant my chances of getting hired were even smaller. Therefore, as Plan B, I applied as secretary/executive assistant.

Boy, am I happy that I got hired as a copywriter. Until today, my love for writing was the only reason I was happy to get the job. But as I put together a 70-slide presentation this morning, I realize there’s a second reason: I suck at Powerpoint, which would probably be what I would mostly be doing today if I became a secretary.

Many jobs like researching, writing reports, working in customer service, and chopping firewood are daunting, yes, but putting together a good Powerpoint presentation is something else entirely. Half of our popes and saints wouldn’t be who they are now if they had to do Powerpoint presentations back then. Osama bin Laden would’ve committed suicide years before he bumped into his first terrorist contact if he encountered Powerpoint as a child.

The fact that I didn’t receive any response at all to my secretarial job applications despite that I had more professional experience in it than in writing leads me to believe that Jobstreet has the psychic ability to let companies know who each applicant really is. It probably attaches a kind of summary to each resume and mine probably said: “Dying to write. Not God-like enough to make nice Powerpoint presentations.”

Well, I’m not complaining.